The Other Than That Manifesto

Who are you?

If you are like so many people (especially Americans), the work you do comprises a major part of your life. Whether you are someone who is defined by your work, someone whose work leans more into the category of “life purpose” or you’re somewhere on the spectrum in between there is a simple constant that remains.


So I repeat – Who are you?

This question is core to my own life purpose and is the principle behind this site, my commentary and the work that I do.

Today a maelstrom of information bombards our senses, demanding our attention. As a result people’s attention spans have shrunk from already small to something more resembling that of a teenage gnat amped on caffeine. In this frenetic world, where technology enables everyone and anyone to shout from the highest rooftop with varying levels of megaphone, it has never been more important to dial in to the core purpose that drives you.

Who are you?

I invite you to do more than muse on this question. I invite you to chime in and share. A picture is worth a thousand words, but I’m neither a photographer nor a painter. As long as I can remember I have sketched images using language.

Welcome to my canvas. Grab a brush.