Story Navigation Workshops

We all have a story. Telling it is another matter. In business, people frequently toss aside true, personal perspective in favor of spin.  For individuals this means tales that sound like nothing more than a recitation of their C.V. For businesses it means the difference between a stale pitch and a compelling narrative.

“There isn’t a person who can’t benefit from what Cathy offers in her course. We all have a story to tell, but sometimes we need a little help telling it. That’s where this course excels. It’s time well spent.”
Babette Pepaj
CEO, Bakespace

Think about the most engaging professional stories you’ve heard. The stories that captured your attention and motivated you to act. Whether explicit or not, those tales share at least one thing in common – a deep connection to the teller’s personal motivation. Making that critical connection between “who” and “what” is hard to do. Story Navigation streamlines that journey. Through an array of class offerings – from large-scale seminars to more intimate workshops, customized sessions for businesses and one-on-one coaching – Story Navigation teaches individuals and businesses how to integrate personal motivation to a business story. For those who may already have a decent grasp of storytelling and narrative construction, Story Navigation offers new perspectives AND tips to help make your solid foundation even more powerful.

Some things you’ll learn in Story Navigation sessions:

  • How to deconstruct existing professional stories
  • Ways to identify and/or better explain personal “motivation” for work
  • Tips for crafting a more compelling story
  • New questions to ask of other people (getting to *their* story)
  • Connecting individuals’ narratives to the business

You walk out with:
A well defined “elevator pitch” that serves in business and can be modified for myriad uses/audiences.

For more information on the myriad formats and curriculum offerings, to find a Story Navigation workshop near you or to request one for your city, email with “STORY NAV” in the subject line.

“Whether you are looking to bring to life your professional brand, or to deepen the authenticity of your own story; Cathy’s workshop gives you the tools to pull together the most important elevator pitch you’ll ever give: your own.”
Valerie Buckingham
Director, Brand Management, Forum Nokia Developer Community at Nokia