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Okay, so it's my site, which means you'll mostly find my stories - my history, work and opinions (there are plenty of those). You'll also find errant sage bits of wisdom about the role of storytelling in business, and links to an array of resources that teach you how to connect "who" with "what", and as a result make your professional narrative more compelling and powerful. My name may be on the digital door, but everyone's story is welcome here.



Coming Home: How Rolling the Dice Returned Me to Roots

It was a silent auction pretty much like any other at your standard fundraising gala. Table after table of dinners, tickets to shows, massage packages and jewelry. Lots of jewelry. Tucked into a corner sat a simple frame. It was the logo that caught my eye. Those headphones. The over the ear “can” style with […]

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The Conversation with Cathy Brooks - Episode #96

Abbreviated episode today focusing on the importance of being centered and grounded when working with your dog. As entirely non-verbal creatures, dogs rely entirely on pure primal resources for understanding the world around them. There are, of course, their senses with scent being the primary data source. Soon after are hearing and vision but above all else canis familiaris takes its cues from the energy with which the people and animals around it operate. Having a bad day? Feeling angry? Completely out of sorts? Your dog knows. And if you're already having trouble getting your dog to mind you, chances are unlikely that in this state you'll have any better luck. This is a topic we'll address more deeply in future episodes, but for today a quick hit and some tips. Join Host Cathy Brooks most Tuesdays at 10am PST for lively discussion and debate that tackles ... well ... lots of things. We talk about business. We talk about society. We talk about culture. Mostly we talk about dogs. How is this show different? Simple. Because this show is not about our opinions - it is about yours too. Whether through our online chat or by picking up your phone and calling in, get involved. Join us. Let your thoughts be heard. See you on the radio ... kind of.



The Guide to Compelling Narratives

We all have a story. Telling it is another matter. In business people frequently toss aside their true, personal perspective in favor of spin or, even worse, a recitation of their C.V. This workshop fixes that. You'll leave this 4-hour session with a more powerful and compelling professional narrative - and some great stories to share.


Our Miss Brooks? Chatty Cathy? Whose site is this?

A good friend and colleague of mine once said she gets amusement from describing her career path as a peripatetic one. I laughed - both because I love effective use of .25 words and because it's a description that maps to my own career. When asked for a single sentence or phrase for self-description, I've taken to proffering: raconteur and genetically inclined connector.

The fun part is explaining what that means...


Be fierce as a female (especially in business) and chances are there's a word they'll call you. It's meant as an insult. It doesn't have to be. This book shows how.